10 Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

The typical image of Valentine’s day is two people, in love, sharing a passionate kiss and a box of chocolates. While that definitely works for some people, it doesn’t work for every relationship. There are many different ways to show your partner you care about them; you just have to find what works best for the two of you.

So this Valentine’s Day, if roses and chocolate aren’t working for you, try out one (or all) of these 10 ideas instead!

1. Take your partner out on an activity-date

This takes creativity because everyone can go see a movie or eat dinner together easily; but here are few ideas: go bowling, play laser tag, go to a museum, go skating, go to a carnival.

Couple Bowling


2. Take a walk in the park

This is not only romantic but also free! It’s also a great opportunity to talk and enjoy each other’s company. And you might just run into some swings!

Swing in the Park


3. Go shopping together

Yes, going shopping can actually be fun if you do it with your partner! Plus this gives you both an opportunity to pick out things that the other will like (romantic AND economical).

Couple Shopping Together


4. Write your partner a love letter

Tell them why you love them and how much they mean to you–make it as sappy or as naughty as you want; just make sure that what you say is true and from your heart.

Love Letter

Write down things your partner has said and how much they meant to you. Provide a detailed description of your response to an action he or she took. Your words may be worth much more to your lover than any costly present you could ever offer him or her.

5. Ask your partner for help with something

There is always something you need help with–homework, yard work, etc. So why not ask your partner for their assistance? This will show that you trust them and respect their opinions. And yeah, everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Valentine's Day Kisses


6. Make a scrapbook of your memories

Gather pictures together from throughout the years (or just print and cut out some pictures off the internet), glue them to paper, order them nicely all in one book, and give it to your partner. This too, can be as sweet or as naughty as you want!

Valentine Scrapbook


7. Give your partner a coupon book

Fill it with things like “one free massage” or “one night where you choose what we do.” Just make sure they know there are some conditions attached! Your book can include things that you know your partner would love to do, but never has time for.

Coupon Booklet


8. Bake them a cake, or their favorite dinner or dessert

There are lots of yummy recipes out there–isn’t your partner worth a little effort? This is also an economical gift.

Pink Valentine's Cake


9. Make a time capsule

Write letters to each other, add a few mementoes, put them in a jar or box, and bury it somewhere special. Then make plans to dig it up next year and read what you wrote!

A Time Capsule


10. Draw your partner a bubble bath

Fill the tub with scented oils and bubbles (or just plain water), draw the curtains, light some candles, play some gentle music…and enjoy! This is an especially relaxing treat for those who work hard all day!

Bubble Bath with Rubber Ducky

There are so many different ways to show your partner you care about them this Valentine’s Day; you just have to find what works best for the two of you.

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