Craft Idea: A Happy Meal Box Haunted House

Kids everywhere love Happy Meals. Here’s a fun and easy Halloween craft to do with the kids. Make a haunted house out of a Happy Meal box.

Haunted Happy Meal

If you have more than one child, you can make more Happy Meal haunted houses and have a haunted village. The Happy Meal box doesn’t have to be the haunted mansion pictured above, any Happy Meal box will do.

What You’ll Need

Happy Meal box
Paint – black, white, brown, orange
Cotton Ball, Small Halloween Decorations/Figurines


Remove all the crumbs from your Happy Meal box. You may wish to shake a little baking soda around in there to ensure that there is no remaining oil from the McDonald’s meal that was once inside. Dispose of baking soda when done.

Tape the box shut. Turn the handles and sides in to form a roof. Tape it closed. If anything’s sticking out that shouldn’t be, snip it off neatly.

Cut out the bottom of the box. You won’t need it. Plus, if the bottom is open you can put little characters inside.

With a pencil, outline some windows and doors. Experiment with fancy designs, like arches, if you like. Cut out the windows and doors using the scissors. For the windows, first poke the scissor tip through the middle of the box. Then snip out the window border.

Paint your haunted house. Try a nice dark gray for the outside, and give it one or two good coats to cover. Let dry.

Halloween Houses

When the first coat of paint is dry, you can add embellishments using your other colors. You might want to add roof shingles, shutters, stone or other embellishments. Let dry.

When your house is finished, you can add more scary accents. Hang some cobwebs stretched from the fibers of a cotton ball. Add spooky plastic spiders and dangle bats from the roof. Pop a tiny skeleton out the window. Add a battery-operated tea light inside the box for a spooky look.

When you’re done, use your haunted Happy Meal house for imaginative play with action figures… or, just put it on display for your party guests to enjoy.

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