Pomsies Patches Plush Interactive Toy

Every year, something cute comes along in the toy department that will capture the hearts of little girls. In this year’s case, it’s the precious Pomsies – plush, interactive toys that come in a variety of styles.

Pomsie Patches Plush Interactive Toy

They’re both toys and fashion accessories, which will make them even that much more in demand. These toys will alert your child to their needs. If they’re cold, hungry, or tired, they’ll let them know.

Because they look like pets, they also make cute purring noises and at least 50 other sounds as their little eyes light up full of love for your child. But the toys also have fun options to play with them.

A Lively Pet

Your children can use the Pomsies to play a freeze dance game, which is fun whenever there’s a sleepover or group play event. Whenever your child touches the Pomsies, they light up and share a reaction of how they’re feeling in that moment.

So your little one can simply touch them, or pet them or hug them to bring the Pomsies to life. They can pet them on the back of their head, like you would normally pet an animal, but they can also bring it to life by petting them under their nose or on their forehead.

Any option will work. The Pomsies can be worn as a fashion accessory, too – in their hair, on their wrist, or even on their lunch bag or backpack.

Patches, Boots, Snowball and Speckles

There are several different Pomsies available for purchase.

Patches, Boots, Snowball and Speckles are all available for your child, so you can get them one or get all four for them to love. This might be one toy that your child wants to collect over time or trade with friends.

Pomsie Patches Plush Interactive Toy

These soft, plush pet toys can be brushed to keep their fur soft. The toys come with their own brush so that the fur isn’t pulled out by one that’s not right for that particular material.

If the toy indicates it’s hungry, your child just gently taps them on the mouth to show them that they’re being fed and cared for. Or, if they’re feeling like more fun – they can dance and shake with their Pomsies to illicit a happy song from their new toy.

The Pomsies will light up their eyes as they talk to your child to let them know if they’re feeling happy and silly or hungry. They’ll even indicate if they’re having a sneezing fit! To attach the Pomsies to your child or her belongings, just wrap the soft tail around something and it’s ready to tag along!

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