Will She Say Yes If You Propose on Valentine’s Day?

Proposing marriage on Valentine’s Day – have you considered it? Valentine’s Day is already special and romantic, but proposing will make it even more memorable.

Marriage Proposal on Valentine's Day

Of course, you’re probably thinking about how to do something really special. Have you already decided on a way that you feel pretty sure will WOW her?

If not, read on for some suggestions about how you can turn this Valentine’s Day into one that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

At a Restaurant

If you’d like to propose over a romantic dinner, then the first thing is to make sure that you choose a small, quiet restaurant that doesn’t try to turn the tables over quickly. And make your booking well in advance.

The best possibility is to choose a restaurant that is your special lady’s favorite. Perhaps you know the manager or some of the staff. Even if you don’t know anyone at the restaurant, visit them a few days before your dinner and let them know what you’re going to do. They will very likely make sure that everything goes well for you.

Valentine's Day Proposal at a Restaurant

In fact, employees there may be able to give you some ideas about how to make your dinner more romantic and special than you thought possible. After all, they’ve probably helped others with similar needs.

Have you thought of having the restaurant make a cake with ‘Marry Me’ on the top?

Maybe you can tie a long red ribbon on the ring and then ask the waiter to attach the ribbon to the menu that he’ll give her. Of course, you need to be confident that the waiter won’t mess that up.

Or how about talking to the waiter in advance and asking him to put the ring into a glass of champagne.

Just be sure that you pop the question as soon as she sees the ring – wherever you’ve put it.


Does your Valentine lady love chocolates? If she does, buy a typical heart-shaped box of chocolates. Then take out one of the candies and use the vacant space for the engagement ring. You might want to tie a red ribbon around the ring or wrap it in red tissue paper, leaving the stone sticking out a bit to lure her into picking it up to see what it is.

Engagement Ring in a Box of Chocolates

She may be a little disappointed that you gave her typical chocolates as a Valentine gift, but once she sees the ring, disappointment will fly out the window. As soon as she picks the ring up, be sure to get down on a knee right away!

Hidden in a Book

Does your lady love to read? Buy a book that you think she’ll like. Better buy two copies. Here’s why. Take one of the copies and glue the pages together, leaving a page unglued at the beginning of the book.

Open the book and cut a small hole in the center of the pages that are glued together. Put the ring in the hole and then tie a red ribbon around the book.

Romantic Book and Flower

When you give the gift of the book, your lady might feel a little let down – until she tries to open the book. Once again, be sure to pop the question as soon as she sees the ring.

Can You Surprise Her?

Your lady may be expecting a proposal on Valentine’s Day. Can you think of a way to throw her off? How about telling her that you’ve planned a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. But just when you’re ready to leave, musicians appear at your door to serenade her while you propose.

Let Your Imagination Loose

These few ways may have made you think of some other possibilities that would suit your situation better. You’re the best judge of what will work best for your loved one. Go for it! And let us know how it went!

Engagement Ring Hidden in Roses

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